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Devotional 3/17/2022

Psalm 1: 1-2 Today’s text reminds us that blessings come from being a student of God’s Word. A student of God’s Word has certain characteristics. They do not walk with [...]
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Devotional 3/16/2022

Acts 2: 36 Peter was preaching his heart out to multitudes of people. He had just been filled with the Spirit of Christ. He was letting Him loose. And his [...]
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Devotional 3/4/2022

Ecclesiastes 5: 2 Today’s verse is about the words we speak, those heard by man, and those heard by God.My mama used to say, before you let words come out [...]
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Devotional 3/1/2022

Galatians 5: 22-23 This text gives us the visible, outward elements of what comes out of a person who is truly saved and full of Christ’s spirit. They are all [...]
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Devotional 2/22/2022

1 Chronicles 16: 11 In our text today, King David had just brought the ark of God into the tent that he had prepared for it. God’s presence and His [...]
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Devotional 2/16/2022

1 John 3: 1 Why? Why would God, who’s very nature is holiness.. Who’s name is above all names.. He is GOD! Why would He even allow sinful, rebellious, ungrateful [...]
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Devotional 2/14/2022

1 Corinthians 13: 4 “Love” A word we often throw around to mean many things. What is “love”..? We use it to describe our delight for apple pie. We use [...]
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Devotional 2/10/2022

Psalm 136: 1-3 It seems we have the same thing written here three times. But on closer examination, we see three different expressions of who God is. Three times he [...]
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Devotional 2/8/2022

Titus 1: 15-16 I am deeply troubled by today’s text. Something deep down in my soul hurts. It speaks of two kinds of people. They are separated by acceptance or [...]
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Devotional 1/20/2022

Habakkuk 3: 19 Habakkuk was in a hard place in a hard time. And he turned his eyes toward his God. What an example for me and you. Sometimes, in [...]
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