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Devotional 1/25/2022

Pastor Carl Fair

Pastor Carl Fair

Welcome. My prayer is that each of these devotionals is a blessing to you and encourage you in your walk with Jesus or help to lead you to Him.

Isaiah 40: 29

Our text today is all about a mighty God, who rescues His people from despair. It is a prophetic word about the future rescue of His people, both to events happening, as well as the future rescue and deliverance through Jesus Christ as the coming Messiah. This is also for all God’s people for all times.

Have you ever been faint? Have you ever been weak? Have you ever been in despair? Well, let me tell you, this verse is all about a God, who’s power and might are unlimited, and unfathomable. He gives grace to the humble. He gives power to the powerless. He gives courage to the meek. He gives joy to the sad. He gives peace to the troubled. He gives comfort to the weary. He gives kindness to the kind. He gives… Why does He give? Because He can. His desire is to give. Therefore, our desire ought to be to give Him all the glory He deserves.

Does my life give Him glory? Do I spend time with Him? Do I serve Him? Do I love His church? Do I love His people? Do I love the lost? Do I tell others about His greatness? Do I have a story to tell? Do the words of my mouth honor Him? Do my thoughts reflect His thoughts? All is summed up by this last question. Do I love Him?

Verse 29 “He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.”

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