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Pastor Carl's Devotional

Take the time to capture one of Bro. Carl Fair’s devotional to you. Let it be and encouragement in your life…
Pastor Carl Fair

Devotional 12/17/2021

  • December 21, 2021
  • Julie Etheridge
  • 9:46 am

Proverbs 15: 26

This chapter is a contrast between 2 kinds of people. The foolish and the wise. The sluggard and the diligent. The greedy and the generous. The wicked and the gracious.

Verse 26 seems odd at first glance. It compares wicked “thoughts” with gracious “words”. What’s up with that? The Lord can see into the heart and mind of man. Even the thoughts of the wicked are condemned. Why? Because whatever is in your heart will come out in words and actions.. Gracious words come from a mind and heart that is pure. Just like a milk jug. You can tell what’s inside by seeing what pours out of it. Whatever comes out of you is evidence of what’s inside.. And.. whatever you put in, will come out. What are you feeding your soul today?

Father, we need your help again. We are evil and wicked without your presence in our lives. Fill us today with your loving, gracious Spirit. Help us to be controlled by you, and not the world around us. Thank you for Jesus, who died for us, to take our sins away…

v. 26 “The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the LORD, but gracious words are pure.”

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