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Pastor Carl Fair

Devotional 12/22/2021

  • December 21, 2021
  • Carl Fair
  • 2:05 pm
Welcome. My name is Bro. Carl Fair and I am the current Senior Pastor for First Baptist Church Dardanelle. I hope these articles are a blessing to you and encourage your walk with Jesus.

Matthew 5: 5

Blessed are the meek….

Who are the meek?

How do they act?

How do they speak?

The meek are kinda like that mixer.. You know.. the one where you put a little flour (not good alone), a little oil (not fit to drink), a little yeast (untastful), a raw egg, and a little milk, and when finished, it all makes delicious biscuits. The meek are the ones who can hear a harsh word, and as those harsh words flow to his ears, through his mind, into his heart, he mixes the harsh words with compassion, patience, gentleness, peace (you know – fruit of the Spirit), and responds in such a way as to calm instead of escalate the situation. It’s not that they don’t have the ability to respond with great damage – oh they do – but it’s the power of God within them that holds back the power and ability to hurt, and replaces it with healing words. It’s having the power to kill and destroy but not using it, because it is under great control.. Kinda like a massive lion, who has the power to destroy, but walks away calmly. That’s meek. Not weak. Weak people hurt people. Meek people heal hurt people..

Father help us today to be meek, because of your Spirit within us. Thank you for Jesus, who took my sins away…

Verse 5 “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

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