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Pastor Carl's Devotional

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Pastor Carl Fair

Devotional 2/2/2022

  • February 1, 2022
  • Carl Fair
  • 1:55 pm
Welcome. My name is Bro. Carl Fair and I am the current Senior Pastor for First Baptist Church Dardanelle. I hope these articles are a blessing to you and encourage your walk with Jesus.

John 8: 36

Jesus was teaching in the temple . He had just set the adulterous woman free from judgement and punishment of the hypocritical Pharisees. He said to her, “go, and sin no more”. A simple, real life illustration, of what is to come eternally for those of us who have placed their faith in Christ. There will be no judgement. There will be no punishment. The wrath of God on our sin has been satisfied on the cross.

When He spoke these words in our text this morning, he had just spoke about being slaves to sin, and then being set free by the Son of God. Jesus is the Son of God, who paid our price, our punishment. Can you just imagine?
This woman, who was just waiting for that first stone to be thrown…. Waiting to be punished by death…. Then, someone walked into her life, who changed it all. She would never be the same…. She walked away FREE!
Uncondemned…. Unjudged…. And ALIVE!

If you’ve placed your faith in Christ, you are free today. You are uncondemned…. You are unjudged…. And yes! You are ALIVE! Forever more. So… go, and tell others about the Son, who set you free. And no longer make a habit of sin. Walk in His freedom today!

Verse 36 “So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

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