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Devotional 8/2/2022

Pastor Carl Fair

Pastor Carl Fair

Welcome. My prayer is that each of these devotionals is a blessing to you and encourage you in your walk with Jesus or help to lead you to Him.

1 Peter 2: 24

This text is a fulfillment of Isa 53:12, written 750 years before Christ was crucified. Just one more piece of evidence that the Bible is God’s written Word. It is a word picture of why Jesus was crucified. He took our sins upon Himself, and He gave us His righteousness!! It there weren’t so much evidence, I wouldn’t be able to believe it either, if not for His Spirit (John 6:44) Can you imagine? The God, who created EVERYTHING. This God, came down to us, for the sole purpose of being the sacrifice of all sacrifices. The sacrifice that would, once and for all, seal the salvation of everyone who will believe and trust in Christ Jesus alone.

Why would He do that for me and you? LOVE. A love that is beyond our comprehension. So let me tell you again friends… God LOVES you. Never forget the extent of His Love. Whatever you’re going through right now, would you just pause for a moment, and remember His Love for you? I am overwhelmed even at this moment, just remembering how much He Loves us.. He didn’t just say it, He proved it on that cross, and with every blow to His body, every insult, every lash of that whip, every strike of that staff… Friends… He loves you. Won’t you trust Him more today?

Father, I am overwhelmed at the reminder of your great Love for me and my friends.. Fill me and my friends today with your Spirit. Empower us to be Jesus to those around us with your Love. Give us more desire to serve you by serving others. Thank you for Jesus, the One who purchased us back, and removed our sin, once and for all.

Verse 24. “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.”

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