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Men’s Ministry

Amplify your daily spiritual life. Join in with our Men’s Ministry at FBC Dardanelle…

The Men’s Ministry at FBC Dardanelle

Life can be extremely challenging in today’s times. We want to make it easier for our men. Become a part of the Men’s Ministry at FBC Dardanelle and use just a few of the powerful resources that we utilize to equip the men of our community with tools to make them the spiritual leaders that God has intended for them to be.

Regardless of your Biblical knowledge, we have several men’s groups that meet at various times throughout the week to provide you with insightful and useful tools to take your spiritual power to new levels. Check out several of the opportunities you have to meet with men within your community just like yourself.

Man Up


Our Man*Up men’s group meets every Tuesday morning at 6:15AM. On Wednesday evening, we meet at 6PM. 

You can, also, join us on Thursday’s for our Man*Up lunch! We encourage you to visit with us during any of the various dates we have available for you to come and fellowship with other men of God and to strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus!

The Gospel of Acts

Come and join in with us Monday morning at 6:15 AM as we explore the Book of Acts. What an awesome group meeting this is.

Don’t come alone! Bring another man with you to take a deeper look into a Gospel that will have a great impact upon your life.

Be and set a reminder on your calendar for this awesome time of study and fellowship.

Book of Revelation

Bright and early on Tuesday morning’s we meet at 6:15AM for an indepth look into the Book of Revelation.

If you are truly interested into what is in store for us as Christians in the last days, this is on study you will not want to miss. 

Enjoy a cup of coffee as we dive into this informative book and how it applies to our lives. Learn how you can help others prepared before the Second Coming of Jesus!

Authentic Manhood

Come a little early and enjoy a great time of fellowship. Then prepared yourself for the ultimate Bible study at 6:00PM.

Currently we are studying the “33 Series.”

If you are looking for the answer to “Authentic Manhood,” this is one study that you will want to fasten your seat belts for. We invite you to a study that is shure to equip you with tools to take you into the next level of manhood!

Believe. Live.

Ask yourself these questions.
There’s an easy answer to all of these questions. His name is Jesus! Let us introduce you to Him today!

At First Baptist Church Dardanelle, we believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. The Word commands us to go and make disciples of all nations and to baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We invite you to be a part of our mission to bring Jesus both of our community and around the world. The soil is rich and now is the time to begin preparing for the harvest.

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