Don't settle for the Ordinary,Define What's Extraordinary...

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Kick It With The Kewl Kids...

Teens in Dardanelle Arkansas don’t have to be hangin’ with the boring crew this year. Get hangin’ with the coolest kids in town.

If you’re looking for a better way to substantially increase your faith and personal witness, then come on over and visit with us at FBC Dardanelle.

Get Connected To The Kewl Things Happening for Teens in Dardanelle Arkansas. Visit with us at our youth group at FBC Dardanelle.

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Core Values

Seeking to live our daily lives that reflect a positive outcome.

Seeking wisdom every day of our life through the Word of God.

Proclaiming to be uniquely different from the world in which we live.

Providing you with core values that will carry with you into your adult life.

Having fun while we worship together.

Our History

Just as any church has, we seen the need to provide teens in Dardanelle Arkansas to have an outlet to be able to worship in both a safe and clean environment.

We’re not willing to settle for the “Status Quo” we’re looking to unite teens in Dardanelle Arkansas with a passion and vision for Jesus to change their lives as well as those that we come in contact with.

Don’t think of church as some boring place where old people hang out. Come out and hang with the kewl kids, see how uniquely different our youth fellowship is at FBC Dardanelle.

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